Being privacy-conscious with Domain Name registrations

May 4th, 2018 · by Domains Direct · 2 min read

The .nz Domain Names space values accountability and transparency. This is why .nz registration details are public. When you register a .nz Domain Name, you need to provide some contact details. These include your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

This information is displayed on the registration record. But it doesn't mean that anyone can search your name and find your details. Your registration details only appear when you Domain Name itself is entered in a .nz query search (or a WHOIS search.)

Choose your contact details carefully

As the Domain Name holder, you have a responsibility to provide accurate details. But it's up to you which contact details you provide.

The important thing is that you can be contacted easily. If you don't want to put your home address on the registration record, you can use a work address, or a PO Box.

We recommend using an email address that is not associated with your Domain Name. This means you will still be able to access your email if the Domain Name registration lapses. The contact email address is often used to confirm who the registrant is - so it's important you are always able to have access to it.

Keep your details accurate

It's important to make sure that your Domain Name registration details are up-to-date.

A good time to double-check your registration details is when you renew your Domain Name.

Use your name for security

Having the right details listed on the registration record is important to Domain Name security. One example is the Registrant Name field. You should ensure your name, or your company's name, is listed here. If someone else is registering a Domain Name for you, make sure they register it in your name; not their name of their company's name.

For example, if the Domain Name you use is registered in your web developer's name, and they go out of business, it could make regaining control of the Domain Name difficult for you.

If your contact details are accurate, you can be contacted if anything goes wrong with your Domain Name. For example, if suspicious activity is detected coming from your Domain Name, appropriate organisations will be able to get in touch with you.

Choose the privacy option

If you are not comfortable with all your registration details being listed on the registration record, you may be eligible for the Individual Registrant Privacy Option (IRPO.)

This service allows registrants to withhold their address and contact phone number from the registration record. To qualify for IRPO, you must be an individual (not a company or organisation,) and not be using the Domain Name for significant trade.