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There is no charge to transfer .nz domains

We do not require any payment when transferring .nz domains provided the domain is not expiring in the next 30 days. A minimum one months renewal upon transfer payment will be required to transfer a soon to be expiring .nz domain.

There is a mandatory one year renewal charge upon the transfer of international domains

Transferring international domains requires payment of a one year renewal upon transfer charge. This is mandated by ICANN and adds an additional year on to your current expiry date. You are not losing anything, just pushing out the next renewal date by another year.

Your pre-paid term carries over

Your renewal date will still be the same when you transfer your Domain to us.

You'll need your UDAI

You'll need to ask your current registrar for your Domain's UDAI, which is an 8-digit password to authorise the transfer.

Transfer requires an email confirmation

You as the account holder, as well as the nameholder email will be sent an email confirmation to confirm transfer.

We can transfer your Domains for you

We'll bulk-transfer your Domains for you, free of charge. Contact us to discuss.

Need help?

See our step-by-step guide to transferring your Domain to us.