What do the different .nz Domain suffixes mean?

February 9th, 2017 · by Domains Direct · 2 min read

There are 16 different .nz suffixes you can choose from. Some are reserved for special use, but most are available for anyone to register. Here we look at what they all mean, to help you choose the right Domain for you.

Unrestricted Suffixes

Recently available as a top level domain, without any prefix.
example : www.domainsdirect.nz

The most popular suffix in New Zealand, normally used by businesses, but also popular with not-for-profit websites.
example : www.trademe.co.nz

Typically used by non-profit organisations.
example: www.childcancer.org.nz

Used by pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools, but also available to other private education providers.
example : www.greenhithe.school.nz

Used by tertiary educators, such as universities, polytechs, and other private education providers.
example : www.auckland.ac.nz

The original intent for this suffix was for use by organisations whose activities relate to providing Internet services, though the more common use now is as an alternative where the .co.nz is not available.

This Domain was introduced as an alternative when competition from the .kiwi registry was looming.

In use by Maori groups and organisations.

A fun Domain typically used by computer and Internet hobbyists.

Although the intention for this suffix was for use where other suffixes weren't suitable, the Domain is rarely seen.

Moderated Domains

Reserved for government departments and local councils.
example : www.primeminister.govt.nz

Reserved for parliamentary agencies, parliamentary political parties and their members.
example : www.parliament.nz

Reserved for military and other armed forces.
example : www.airforce.mil.nz

Reserved for organisations who deliver health services through registered practitioners.
example : www.learnonline.health.nz

Reserved for Maori tribes.