Is your website mobile-friendly?

September 6th, 2018 · by Domains Direct · 1 min read Is your website mobile-friendly?

Despite everything we hear about websites being primarily accessed by mobile, our own website is still accessed primarily by desktop (77% in fact!) Perhaps registering Domain names is something best done on desktops, or perhaps the shameful lack of New Zealand's Domain registrars updating their websites to be mobile-friendly, has conditioned Kiwis to not use their mobiles!

Google has introduced a mobile-friendly test site to allow you to check whether they consider your website to be mobile-friendly or not.

Here's the results of our own test on the Domains Direct website:

Mobile test results on Domains Direct

Here's what a competitor's website looks like on mobile, and the resulting errors:
Mobile test results on competitor

It's very important to get this right for your website. Google wants to deliver the best results to their users so they are giving priority in their results to mobile-friendly websites. If you haven't yet addressed this, please consider it your business's top priority! Otherwise, expect to see your site slip down the search results.

There are plenty of resources available if you're experienced with HTML and want to start upgrading yourself, otherwise any web designer should be able to help.

It's important to note that you don't need a separate website built - you simply need your website code modified to accommodate changes in browser width.

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