How to change your DNS settings

May 8th, 2017 · by Domains Direct · 1 min read

You can change the DNS of your Domain to point different records to different providers. We recommend this service for advanced users only. First, visit our customer login page.

Before you start, you need to change your Domain's nameservers to and


(1) Login with your account username and password.

Change DNS step 1

Select Domain to edit

(1) Locate the Domain you want to edit and click on it.

Change DNS step 2

Go to DNS Settings

(1) Under the DNS Settings box, mouseover the Domain name and click modify.

Change DNS step 3

Open editing form

(1) Change the IP address of the record; (2) Add another record if you require; (3) Click Update to save changes.

Note, to set an @ record, just leave the prefix field blank.

Change DNS step 4